Places to visit

Manzanillo and surroundings has a lot to offer and we would be pleased to give you  some suggestions to make your vacation time unforgettable and to help you to discover this part of Mexico

Playa La Audiencia

Nearby we have the beach of the audience with a very calm surf you can enjoy a swim and various activities that are offered there.

Surfing, fishing and free snorkel

If you like fishing, surfing or snorkeling freely, close to Shangri-La you will find the perfect beaches for these activities: we will tell you where to find them.

Very close to Shangri-La you will find the golf course Las Hadas: it is a golf field of world-class 18-hole course with excellent panoramic view in most of your trip.

We will recommend the best of Manzanillo

We do not have trade agreements with any of the sites or service providers shown in this page, but we know they are the best in Manzanillo and that is why with all the confidence, we can say that you will spend great time with them.

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